While i wait…

Well, it’s been a while,
Today marks the first anniversary of it all, icing on the cake of tumultuous times,
I’ll admit that my penchant for remembering dates that mean a lot to me momentarily has come to cause my happiness’ demise,
But I still soldier on and continue such days as this one that opened my eyes…

… I see a lot and realise that in as much as there’s so much, like poles repel,
And I’m inclined rather naturally to avoid people who are oh so sweet, for they happen to sound like a death knell-
each time they go awww and uuuu in my presence.
Many may wish for what I’ve come to encounter, it’s all lovely and will definitely leave you convinced and saying Yes,
But the truth remains when it comes to the long-term one must look beyond the prima facie and see how things could turn out nasty, depressed?
The truth of the matter remains that that’s being pragmatic in all its essence!

So, while I wait to get served at the bank counter,
I recall the last three weeks and each awkward encounter when I had to ensure that my realism didn’t falter,
And I’m glad that at the end of it all, though my words may have been as ruthless and plain as of those who slaughter,
I got my point across and avoided being my own matyr,
Vain in my attempt to fake what was never a factor.

As always,

Yours in perpetuity

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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