No Matter What They Say…

… I remain the only point worth valuing when they’re busy demeaning,
For when I dared to care about their opinions all I gave them was unopposed dominion over my own being,
A mistake not worth making, for they never thought of what I wanted but took from me whenever they saw opportunity beckoning!

Well, in this day lies their hour of reckoning!
I’m fully rejuvenated and seeing all that’s around me for its true meaning,
From all the trials I’ve faced thus far, the antagonism I’ve dealt with to be at par,
I’ve learnt to give none but myself everything, be selfish for a change and see what’s worth all this searching,
Deem if it’s truly fulfilling,
And maybe, for I dare not assure inevitability,
Take it up as my next source of life teachings.

… My life apparently moves on,
And I’m growing as if nothing’s ever been wrong,
For I’ve learnt from when everything did that it is only by being strong,
That I shall overcome all that’s thrown at me by the envious/prejudiced/misinformed mobs!
If I find the weakness in me to bend to their protests and hatred prolonged,
Then I deserve not the title of man, for I will have forsaken all that makes me human:
The distinct and individual nature of my own plans!

…time is all I have when it comes to what impacts my future,
And it would be unjust of me to simply throw away all that would make me happy,
Especially if I did so in an effort to hurry!

… I deserve the best, egocentric as the statement may sound,
For none other than me can put my interests before their own in the required fashion, they are, by their own, also bound!
So hate it or love it, I live it because within my soul the hole I have found-
is to be filled by everything BUT the negativity from your mouth!

… I remain the master of my own destiny,
Short as life may be I am the holder of its string thin!
and, therefore, the captain of all good and bad things it brings-
granted I remain faithful to myself and companions in all my dealings,
And I rise above all that may be deemed ceilings to see the beauty they’re cruelly concealing.

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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