Life and love, quite complex affairs I must admit,
Half the time, if you’re not enjoying one or both, you’re busy getting frustrated by it,
Why is it that the people you may feel are most sweet,
End up with people who treat them like a motel “suite”?
How is it that your life as a single gentleman is characterised by frequently yearning for companionship?
Or is all this just a paradoxical system of ironies designed to leave us puzzled until our ends we meet?

I’m stuck between confessing all I have within me and possibly losing everything,
And playing the fool by keeping it cool and acting as if nothing I like lies directly ahead of me!
Honestly, I hate the facts that I’m faced with,
They make the challenge in my case not particularly interesting!
I have and know no way to overcome their level of difficulty,
And in my heart I am apprehensive of all methods shown thus far, because they involve sacrifices and risks that are frightening!
However , if I am to find any semblance of what many call tranquillity,
I must choose which path to walk in, for time waits not for the indecisive and dilly-dallying!

I am but a man who questions his chances and misses wasted glances,
And she is the lady for whom my heart unquestionably dances, it aches in her absence!
But at day’s end, the hands of another caress her thoughts and I am left only to kick away mine concerning advances,
For in truth, she may never be mine while in his arms she is lost in beams endless!

There’s my dilemma, thought about even more sombrely in my state of illness,
Therefore , though I may be seeking bedrest,
My mind travels to memories and moments in which she dominates and leaves me inclined to attest,
That she may just be the Best I Never Had, and the one whose words leave me both joyous and depressed!
It’s hard to be just a friend when your heart’s mind is already set,
And it’s even harder when all you’ve got is yourself, a haemorrhaging wreck…

But even so,
I shall remain yours and HERS in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell,
The one who may never have.

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