Happy Fathers Day

In life there’s a lot we take for granted ,
The simple things like being put through education and having our NEEDS funded!
But it is on days like these that I choose to be viewed as from this group of ingrates, alienated,
I consciously decide to see the men responsible for every ounce of any greatness we claim appreciated,
These men as you already inferred are our fathers, whether they live or have been claimed by death,
All of them mean so much to all whom they have raised, their efforts have clearly not gone to waste,
For as they may admit themselves, providing an upbringing is not something learnt via copy & paste!

Dear Dad, it seems today I forgot what this Sunday signifies,
And even after learning its significance I show ignorance that I may seem to be blind to you, the man who has MOST influence in my life,
But rest assured that before I exit this vehicle and step back into the hostel I know as my second domicile,
I shall have duly professed that you are deserving of a day just for you and that I’m hopeful for a future full of smiles!

Despite all the squabbles we may have had,
No earthly object of obsession or affection is comparable to blood!
The fact that our bond is one built upon trust and love,
Is what makes me give highest gratitude to the Lord who gave you to me as he delivered me to you, you are a gift from above…

Well, I think the lights from all the cars are dimming the lights in my mind,
But one thing is for sure, in my eyes you will always shine!
In the end I have to say that I wish you a superb remainder of your Fathers Day, you truly deserve the best of times!
And know that you’re the light I’m proudest to have as my guide …

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Campbell.

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