As I Search…

…I meet many a challenge,
Especially because so many have complications I cannot tolerate,
I mean, I like you, but seriously, there’s more to life than roses and violets!

…I continue to discover just how intriguing man’s differences in perspective are,
For many a time I fail to share the same view as my female counterpart,
And the most surprising fact about situations like that,
Is that neither of us sees a problem with being on planes of thought so far apart!

…I tend to get to points where I feel solitude is better than all this attitude!
Why make you feel like I need you so much when I was doing fine when in my life, you, I did not include…
But then again they say man is not an island so why should I suffer the miseries life gives me without someone to help me through,
And then you come along and do something I can’t stand AGAIN…and I wonder why I even bother with you…
But just as I turn to walk out the door for the umpteenth time you redeem yourself and reel me in, I’m moved!
And I wonder if this cycle shall ever help my life improve when it’s repetitions make me, my mind, lose!

…I see why I fell for you in the first place,
You’re my complete opposite but as I just mentioned, COMPLETE is exactly what you do to me, in your absence a half is erased!
And when I make you mad a part of me wishes to apologise and maybe, just maybe, save face,
But the other part realises that I might be right and need not fuss and frustrate my heart with an unnecessary race!
It is at that point that I wonder why you can’t just take the truth from the grimy hands from which it is served for it will never be delivered on a golden plate!

…I think about many things,
Weigh many options, realising that no love is good if it’s but a finely-dressed woman with internal unfinished seams!
And I find that somewhere out there, MAYBE someone worthwhile awaits,
But I’d rather live free now and have memories to narrate to my kids,
Than trap myself in something that does not fully qualify as fulfilling in its deeds and degrees…

Yours in perpetuity,
Though disillusioned by some cases of immaturity,
Evans Campbell

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