And so love died…

Well, in recent times I’ve been made aware of three ended relationships in a span of two weeks,
I will maintain, out of deep respect for those involved, anonymity, and hope that I’m forgiven for finding impetus in their misery.

Having been through the tumultuous journey that characterises deep associations myself, I feel compelled to give some “tips”,
Of course all that shall follow this sentence is just but sentiments invoked by a former lover’s transgressions, and following it is NOT obligatory…

Once upon a relationship, there was a sprung young man,
Ready to give the world to a lady at the tender age of Blind&Stupid, and feeling like he had no need for a secondary plan!
He would cancel any appointment he had to see her smile, even via Skype, for he had never felt so pleased at an age so young,
And had never fathomed how such emotion that drove intensely deep dedication could exist without a spell being cast!

This was unlike most experiences he had heard about,
It was the lady who took the plunge into dark, enigmatic waters and asked him out!
And though his mind had significant doubt,
His heart imposed more conviction than he could shut out!

So he agreed to hold hands, trust her more than ever before,
Maybe it was too much, but he couldn’t tell what was enough and whether he needed to do more,
So he gave it his all, his passion for writing included as if commitment was a price too small,
And thought that the mutual affection he was receiving was only being strengthened by all their communication, calls, texts and all.
Clearly though,
There was so much that the young man did not know,
And so much more that he could not fathom was due to happen when the truth of the matter would, on him, dawn.

What was happening was to him a puzzle,
So he asked his first love why she was suddenly so distant, why she stood in another part of their world!
And she, in a manner devoid of sentimentality or empathy, coldly said that her love was gone,
It didn’t exist any more, words that at the time left the man baffled,
Uncertain of what to say yet his mouth fluently rambled,
Telling her he no longer wanted to see or speak to her if that was her new approach angle.

Long story made short,
Today he can say that with the temptress he still talks,
Eventually the piercing screams of his heart won,
And though his brain declined the movement of each muscle he used, he called,
Apologised, in a way, and decided that peace was the only way he would move on.

Indeed it was,
Accepting betrayal in all its forms,
and getting past the anger and anguish it has caused-
eventually emancipates one’s soul,
Showing that you refuse to be alone AND cold,
eventually makes you alone BUT consoled,
Despite not being whole,
Peace at heart, however achieved, can fill any hole…

So whether or not you choose to speak to the breaker of your heart,
Just remember that you don’t need to be dead and gone as a result of your past!
Hate it or love it, the most distinct trait of fresh starts,
Is their ineluctability at every end, and that’s a fact!

I hope you find a semblance of peace in reading this piece,
Despite the lack of bliss in recent weeks,
I believe in giving hope to those who may feel deprived of it.

For I am,

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

3 thoughts on “And so love died…

  1. tayiana says:

    Wordsworth it is !! 🙂 this is really amazing and im not just saying that cause i am an alcatel broker cum hustler..inspriring is the word ??? i dont know but il use it for now until i can find a better one..maybe one day i’ll have the courage to write about my own experiences..until then ‘Wordsworth the show must go on’


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