To All Who Cared…

Well, in no particular order, I will mention all the people that keep me alive,
For inasmuch as I am far from home and I find it sometimes hard to survive,
Kenyan touch is all I need to regain the vivacity that is meant to, me, characterise.

Victoria Namvua, whether or not your last name means ‘rain’,
I have to say that conversations with you are as refreshing and luxurious as being showered with fine wine,
hence the nickname, which I feel honoured to have seen accepted by such a gift from the Heavens divine!
For each smile you invoke, despite the miles,
I hope this stanza of rhyme can suffice in helping you envision your importance in my life,
(even though no words can ever completely, you, describe)

Hellen Githakwa, at this point I have to acknowledge your inexplicable ‘superpower’,
Which is the ability to make me want to write my heart out, I’m sorry I always send you a barrage,
But onto matters more pressing, this a long overdue expression of appreciation I have in my heart, immeasurably large,
for all the times you checked in and asked questions, not forgetting your ardent reading of this blog,
Many thanks from abroad for all the friendship and conversations (though long), I now understand why I, you, highly regard.

Sharleen Mbete Kikunze, I spelt your name correctly again,
Simply because I respect and cherish the awesomeness you exude, it’s as rare as true gentlemen,
Which is rather fitting because true ladies are just as special, and you are undeniably among them!
So, to what I hope will be a fruitful and fulfilling friendship, I call for a toast for you, my dear friend,
And thank you for saving me from my dullest of moments!

Judy ‘Spark’ Nyangaru, yes, I thought it apt to mention you,
Despite the fact that what you have contributed to my experience SEEMS, to the ignorant eye, miniscule,
it has probably been some of the most vital communication I’ve shared , my desert’s dew,
Not to mention your appreciation of my blog and its essence, you are exceptionally truthful,
So for all this and more, not forgetting the coffee before, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude.

Charlene Janira, I think that among many other things, I enjoy the fact that your name rhymes with Lira,
The currency in this far off place I find myself, but where you still care enough to, my problems, hear!
I cannot begin to define the extent to which I treasure you, it cannot really be written here,
All I can say is 4 simple words that I can’t presently whisper in your ear,
And they are- I love you dear…

Daisy Etemesi Omukoko, I have to say you should see the smile on my face, as bright as a night billboard,
Despite recent events in your life I’m writing this as an assurance that I’m still yours to closely hold,
And I know that the rope that ties us together seems worn and old,
But just know that irrespective of how bad the situation seems, I will never let you go.

For Montana Njaaga,
Sorry I haven’t been able to write to you, I’ve had to deal with a fair share of sagas,
However, expect my correspondence by the end of this week, your mailbox I shall bombard,
Still miss you Ms. TM, take care, my buddy and I still rock though, we’re just hard! 😛

To all others who received something from me,
Whether just a text message, wallpost or tweet, it means I value your company,
If you can and will reply duly,
I’d appreciate the courtesy.

Much love to all who checked up on me,
Your concern did not go unnoticed and is acknowledged as true friendship.

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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