For Mothers’ Day

Well, if I had the opportunity to post this yesterday I would,
However, my acquaintances in this foreign country have some unsavoury habits and capricious moods!

Moving on to the matter at hand now,
This piece is for all the mothers who’ve felt the sweat on their brow,
But even then, would not give up on teaching their children just how,
to fight for a better life and survive in this cruel world that seemingly strives to put them down!

This is for the ladies who withstood the harsh times at the hands of curt men,
Those who rose to face their ill-treating “husbands” for the sake of their children,
Those who, even without the aid of such unreliable “brethren”,
managed to see their sons and daughters through school and are proud of them!

This is for the ladies who raised us all,
For even with their flaws,
We can never take for granted the fact that they are a gift from God,
that they alone can bear such a sacrifice, such pain to bring you in so small,
and raise you to stand so tall!

This is for Mothers’ Day,
Albeit late, but from the heart anyway,
For the ladies who died before they could see their children make headway,
For the ladies who always meant well even when we seemed to have parted ways!
For you mum, for I think about you every day!

This is to show that WE will remain yours in perpetuity,
Grateful for all that you have contributed to our lives, especially when faced with adversity!
This is I for WE,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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