Sometimes…(The deep one)

…it takes more than the occasional “I’m sorry” to earn man’s forgiveness,
You may not be the best at what you do but simply pointing that out doesn’t guarantee lenience
It doesn’t take a perfectionist to realise that something isn’t in its rightful place and that circumstances are far from best,
So when you see me complaining I dare to believe that you’ll actually take my words seriously, at least out of respect,
And if you need further justification to listen, then factual evidence lies between the lines of the third line of this piece of finesse.

…you get so annoying that simple anger, if comparable to a small fire, becomes a blaze in the form of ire!
How long do you expect me to keep suppressing my vehemence when you continually further its extent and never seem to tire?!
Well, I’m letting you know now while you still have a chance to save yourself and retire,
That I am no longer going to let you lead me into your empty promises you LIAR!
Play whichever instrument you see fit, even the lyre,
But please consider me blind and deaf to you even with your screams and sun-bright attire!

…the above is just how I feel about you when all your wrongs seem too surreal,
But I think at the end of the day I am powerless against the fairness that defines the soul that you conceal,
The soul which, like a knife ensconced in an assassin’s thigh, you finally reveal!
And I melt away as ice would before a flame, it’s as if I’m a fruit that you alone can peel,
And almost inevitably, the scar left by the ill you committed heals!

…I wonder how I ever found a being upon whom I could place such importance,
But then I realise that despite the temper that defines my nature and causes my ignorance,
I was destined to find a panacea in YOU, the queen who, with just a single glance,
Can turn my tale of abhorrence and days dark, into one of romance and a new-found stance!

…I write what I know does not exist for me, to touch the hearts of those for whom it does,
In truth I’m just a man with a heart scarred and who presently sees no point in wishing on the stars,
So I put myself where I used to be, because where I am SOMETIMES only reminds me of how love marrs
And I hope that somewhere out there there’s a true lady who doesn’t just think about the money, status and cars
and is willing to fight even when the times seem too hard,
For if not, I’m content with being alone despite the characteristic of “tough times” that it has

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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