Because I’m Black…

…I solicit countless stares wherever I go in this city,
And I had to adjust to this behaviour so nagging,
A pair of sunglasses that cost me quite some money,
Followed by a pair of headphones that keep me from venting,
So I keep my ire under control when they’re all incessantly gossiping and pointing.

…I feed some of their stereotypes,
Like the idea they have etched deep in their minds that all black people are American hip-hop types,
So at the tram station I swagger with my head bobbing to the beats of rappers most hyped,
That they may think whatever they wish of my ways, for now their shock is just a funny sight.

The more time I spend here the more I realise that these people have a SEMBLANCE of a holistic life,
Especially considering that they barely know anything outside their country which they have dogmatically idolised!
They stand in awe almost everywhere I go, just because before me and a few others, black people they did not know,
They act without regard for the simplest tenets that dictate etiquette,
Simply because they are, in all fairness, unexposed!

I’m here for many more a day,
And my experience thus far has me convinced that there is more coming my way!
But even so I remain indifferent about how difficult times may be, sometimes nothing good emerges without affray!
My mindset is still facing the uphill task of adjustment everyday,
For a new encounter or experience challenges the mindset established yesterday!
But my determination to get through this adversity shall see me victorious when this tumultuous voyage finally ends at some bay.

…I am PROUD of my colour and race,
I am PROUD to make heads turn and prove that I can and will do more than any of these people expect!
I am PROUD to know that my people,though faced with some of the harshest of times, have a lot more experience and can be far more decent!
But for what it’s worth, I hope that I can get these people to understand that there is a world beyond people of their descent-
with a lot more to offer than accents!

…I am Evans Mbora Muthee Campbell,
Kenyan, African and most importantly, HUMAN in perpetuity,
and this is my message from Turkey,
Where culture shock is faced MOST by THOSE AROUND ME.

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