What I want…

…I am unaware of,
My subconscious tells me that it’s to be free to take off,
But exactly what I know not!

Should it be these chains on my feet, the friction is unbearable when I walk!
Or should it be this yoke of oppression that weighs down on me when the sun sears hot?
Am I not too young to suffer a life that is, with agony, so fraught?
Or is the universe trying to teach me a lesson for my failure to retort?

…is an answer for all these pain-laden questions!
I can no longer stand and be deracinated constantly because of my emotionless expression!
I speak out now, for all the times I mumbled in an undertone and went unattended, rejection!
That my grievances may be addressed, and my duress laid to rest, decision!

That is what I want,
And in the end, whether you like it or not,
My wish shall be mine, for I have set out to achieve it all.

Yours in perpetuity,
Mine eventually,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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