The Movement…

Began as one motion,
Fueled by motive and driven by passion,
Serviced by incentive and cleaned by discussion!
And at the end of the initiative, there were returns for each action.

Most always thought nothing would arise from the efforts of few,
But objective is not the subjective view,
Neither is decisive such an opinionated form of review,
Implying that the conclusion, success, that may have always been due, would shock both me and you!

…is to be accelerated, facilitated by all those who are, by its purpose, implicated,
Its rhythm must be projected, moving unabated by all circumstances in which it may have been rejected!
The time put into it, respected, in as much as the sacrifices involved may leave so many aggravated
For it is only by understanding what is expected, that we can ensure it is achieved and perpetuated!

Which is why this movement through which I express my thoughts-
This simple but powerful literary effort,
shall remain one that I seek to further as long as by life I continue to be taught,
Otherwise my results on the score sheet of life are best described as naught!
And my life a story devoid of plot!

…is the same for you and me,
Just as I remain yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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