If I could see you again…Tribute to Joyce Muthoni Campbell

…I would laugh at your every smile,
Simply to make each moment last a while,
For now without that wide parting of your lips, so many days leave me like a child,
I am helpless and filled with denial,
I fight but within me only pain and sorrow seems to pile,
But I force it all down, if only to see myself get through another mile,
Even though my longing to see you will never see fruition, not in this lifetime!
I still wish I could hold you close, feel for one last time,
Your softest of hands against mine!

…I would tell you how much I wish I could bring myself to cry,
For tears seem far easier to deal with than all the emptiness inside!
And even though I believe yours is a memory I shall learn to live with and survive,
No one may see the depth of the cut that I hide,
For I know that yours was a final journey that brought with it grief undefined,
And led me to believe a solution impossible to find!

…I would tell you how much we’ve tried,
As men filled with strength we must be firm, never ductile,
But the truth remains that no matter how much of our emotions we wish we could confine,
The memory of days spent with you will always find a way out of heart and into mind!

…I would tell you that school is cool,
Tell you that even Richard’s grades look good,
And ask you how life at home is, are the pigs looking full,
And then hear you say how you expect to see me soon!
And though I may try to put all my passions into words that move,
NEVER shall I be able to explain just how much I miss you.

…I would tell you that all you taught me still helps,
And that I feel like in the seas of life you made each of us a Michael Phelps,
That when I’m sad at night I think about your wise words and I silence my yelps,
And I would explain how all you said defines how we live, taking each careful step!

…I would tell you that I am proud that it is my father you met,
I would tell you that throughout this time he has been absolutely the best,
And I would tell you that I am honoured to have a brother, who still has an eye for success,
Who, even in his seemingly timid silence,
Still takes time to seek to perfect with no regret!

…I would tell you that your generosity changed many lives,
And that your ability to see beyond the sighs,
Guided so many in their quest to achieve their highs!
Which is why,
Though we may have had to say goodbye,
In our hearts you still reside…

…I would have you know, wherever you are, beaming down at us from a life of eternity,
That we shall forever hold you in our hearts, souls and minds, you remain the definition of my maternity,
The complement to all of dad’s paternity,
The queen in the household you shared with we your family!
But most of all mum, you were loved most by the Lord God, our Almighty Deity!
Which is why he called you to visit him finally…

Yours in perpetuity,
Speaking for the Campbell’s on this first year since your departing,
Evans Mbora Campbell, forever loving thee!

3 thoughts on “If I could see you again…Tribute to Joyce Muthoni Campbell

  1. Alex Mwaura Mwichigi says:

    Twoz a touching tribute on ur mother’s memorial mass…i could cleary tell how important she was in your lives


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