As I hunger…

…for more in this world where I know not what is in store,
I must fight to walk with caution lest I lose all life and exist no more,
The journey from these waters to the shore (that I now not only miss but adore)…
is fraught with the dangers of the waves that perceive me as the item to abhor!

…to see another day in this world,
I remain in my own corner ensconced and alone,up curled,
How am I to raise my head when each time I dare to peek objects are hurled,
And when shall I ever speak if only suppression follows my words?

…to reach out and hold,
I am turned away by eyes that stare dead and cold,
and when all I have ever known to be worthy to behold,
No longer finds me equally worthwhile, deeming me old,
I am forced to find myself a new place, new relations I must mould,
For my place in their face no longer sits on a throne,
And I am no longer worthy to be called their own!

Yours in perpetuity,
But know that I remain thirsty,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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