As I Fly through time…

Neither line nor rhyme,
Nor my constant style or urge to shine,
Can save me from the inevitability that presents itself as time!

I am helpless to its tenacious grip,
My cries stifled even before, out of my throat, they leap,
And all my journeys now appear like mountains steep,
And their ends are just like mountain peaks…
…cold and forlorn, where I alone can hear me scream!

…I understand more and more why all I do to fight is vain,
Why must I struggle when nothing can be begotten from my toil and pain?
Is all my sacrifice atoned for by what I stand to gain?
Or must I live another entire lifetime to enjoy the fruits of the labour I put in?

…I surrender all my woes to the unseen Deity,
For the known unknown may just be my point of clarity!
I cannot depend upon fellow man, for matters of such complexity…
…exceed all the understanding they could muster jointly!
All I have left now is my end, one which draws closer with each step towards perpetuity.

Which is why, in finality,
All I can leave you with is this valediction said honestly,
I am,
Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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