In This House…

…I find solitude hard to come by,
For even as I lay on my bed desperate to sleep, I cannot shut either eye,
My mind decides to continually torture me by incessantly pressing rewind on flashbacks of life,
and I see days gone by when I had a purpose and a wife!

…I lay broken and torn to shreds,
The stains of blood I have shed only gain a deeper shade of red,
For so many days I have tried to free myself from this accursed life, but I have never fled,
And even though I have emptied my library shelves; all my books I have read,
I still cannot seem to ignore this seemingly indestructible memory thread!
When shall I ever just be able to lavish the comforts of my own bed?
When will this agony end? Never,is the answer I dread!

…I stand alone and hear no other voice but my own,
I cannot sing, my sadness left me tearless, dry as a bone!
I surrender to the world that has me carrying what was once mine to own,now its golden throne,
for what can I do when I no longer have control?

…I am myself turned slowly into stone,
For no dust can take back such a man, my former graces I have outgrown,
and now I remain pathetic, not even worthy of others’ moans.

…I am yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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