Breaking Point

This is what it all comes down to,
The edge of the cliff,must I jump to my end too? The hole of the needle tip, can I make it through?
The encounters that have cumulatively contributed to this moment have left me with nothing else to do!

The time is now,
but even with that in mind I am clueless as to how?
If I am drenched in grime and cannot spare time to even wipe the sweat from my brow,
what will become of me if everything comes crashing down,
just as the sweat stings my eye and I let out a silent “Ow!”?
Shall I be buried in the rubble?
Forgotten after the ineluctable tumble?
Or shall I be remembered for taking my time to struggle?
For being humble as I took upon a task I myself never thought I could handle!

I am at my prime,
yet at the same time I feel as though I lie far below all others, I am the dropped dime,
Forgotten by its owner yet worth nothing in this world, reserved for the slime!
How is it then, that I still feel at the peak of my performance yet I have so much more to climb?
This is just the paradox of my circumstance I guess, and I must accept the Fates as infinitely sublime.

Breaking point is where myself I find,
Lost in the nothingness of life I would much rather have left behind!
Yet my gaze is set upon goals that shine with a light so defined!
It’s funny how I am here when I should be there with all that’s bright,
Isn’t that where all would be,in their mind right?
Well,ask life why it chooses to hold me back with all its might, no matter how much I fight!

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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