I had a dream…

…that tonight would be the night when our passions would come to life,
and in the thrill of the moment in which each other we would excite,
Our bodies would draw each other closer as our hands touched and led our souls to ignite.

…that in the silence of the evening your lower lip you would bite,
and in the pleasure-pain complex at that point, you would let out your delight,
and I would cup your mouth to hush you as I gave in to a similar plight.

…that in the moments after our sensual flight,
I would stare into your eyes as you would into mine and remain enthralled by their light,
as my arms hold you close to me,thanking the heavens for gracing me with more than just the sight of such a sight.

…that you are Mrs. Right,
and all I ever needed is here, you are my tangible insight,
and that I would live to love you and work to please you with all my might.

…and that is all it was when the moon gave way to sunlight.

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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