What you did…

…was compound a problem and leave me a hound, nose dripping and throat drowning in phlegm,
All you ever saw was when I let you down and you took that chance to lash out at men,
Yet if you fell and I remained silent out of my own preference for calmness,
you never took a second to apologise, even in the event that your wrongs were fuelled by your own intent!

…was make me a hateful, scorned figment of myself,
For now all the beauty I see only makes me resentful, long has it been since I stood tall,I am now just an elf!
All because you were so,of yourself full, that you decided to take advantage of my humility before on a shelf you left me away kept!

…was horrid, but now I choose to pay back the world for it,
I have turned into a beast, uncontrolled and leaving all in my wake worried,
But the awkward thing is that I am unaffected by all the days I make torrid,
Because all I ever remember is how much you enjoyed leaving me in that state before,of me you got rid!

…was probably the most painful deed I have ever lived to see,
But I grow hopeful,for the realm into which I walk is filled solely by an expansive sea,
And I no longer need to scream in anguish as you molest and abuse my demeanour sweet,
For here in these waters,my anticipation remains unaltered,I am on the side where pastures are a greater green,
And life, though initially obstinate and mean,
eventually gifts those who come into it with intentions clean and characters deserving.

…remains a keynote in my learning,
But I’ll have you know that after recovering,
The one thing I recognize most expressly,
Is that you can never lose yourself for another if your efforts are purely based on individual affectivity,
All things worthy of being defined as true love coincide with mutuality!

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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