My Valentine’s Day

Shall be just another 24 hours under the sun,
Alone and unknown I shall stand.
The love that I once had can remain buried, even though not by my hand,
For now I have time to clarify and consult with my world,
and realise that I deserve to keep my feelings reserved instead of giving out my heart for another to have.

Shall be without all the effort to place others above,
For who am I to make them royalty if I myself are not one?
Selfish as this may seem, the truth is that sometimes all you have is none!
And at those times you may believe that your endeavours to make the other everything but the sun…
will leave them certain to help you when you begin to burn and it’s their turn,
but you’ll be surprised to find yourself forlorn in your suffering as you come undone!

Shall be devoid of all this bickering about gifts,
Why must I struggle to honour a wish yet if I don’t all it brings about is a rift?
Why is it that on this day you need the material with ardour increased?
Yet all other days could be just as exceptional as this if you adjusted your dogmatic belief!

Shall be all about nothing new,
For I have none to say “I Love You” to,
and I am almost certain that none shall be telling me those words too.
However, for all those who have people to call “boo”,
Enjoy your day,and know that,for the most part,I don’t wish I was you.

This is me, celebrating Loner’s Blues,
Briefing you on my views,
and signing off with the following news:

I’ll still be,
Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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