I Stopped To Stare…

…at the fairest lady of them all,
Saying my jaw dropped would be an understatement given that I felt it freefall!
And seeing as I would have no other chance to see such grace in epic proportion,
I decided to immediately stall,
to stare at this sight of such might that I could not escape being wholly enthralled…

…at a beautiful car,
I saw it approach from afar,
and could feel its immense power in its engine’s purr,
And as it glided past me I took my chance to marvel at its artistic structure,
and give praise to its inventor for providing me with a chance to see it at least once a year…

…at my neighbourhood so bare,
and decided to hold back my tears, but that was a burden I could not bear!
For the few things I saw today, that lady and that car so fair,
Only left me to wonder if this place I called home could ever return to being able to ensnare,
Just as all the beauty I saw today made me prisoner.

…at myself in the mirror,
Just to ask myself if I had done anything to help my people out of this state inferior,
and just as I thought I had come up with an answer,
I heard a gunshot outside and a scream that made the fragile silence of the night shatter,
Letting me know that maybe my view just didn’t matter!

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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