As I Wake…

…so early in the hours of the morning wee,
I expect to have emptiness mentally,
Yet YOU stand out so distinctly!
So much so that my mind wanders to where you are when I can’t really grasp accounting
(which is what I’m studying),

I’m lost in my own mind trying to track you, you cross from frontier to frontier,
And I never get a chance to understand how you became so meaningful, just to be sincere,
But I CAN say that I enjoy the fact that despite your apathy as concerns all matters to the heart near,
You remain able to show that you actually DO care.

…I am evidently TOO lost in thought to write any more,
So before I leave my readers to snore,
I shall surrender this vain attempt to write while my mind has you behind each door,
And move to try and ignore…
the fact that you direct my thoughts like a matador!

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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