If I Ever Fall In Love Again…

…promises I may make,
Mistakes may come because of the paths that I choose to take,
But with whoever shall be at my side I shall drive through my heart a stake,
If together we shall suffer the same fate,
Of course intensity in depth of such proportions presently seems so distant and difficult to anticipate,
Given that my previous encounter met many a challenge, my hope should not be at all great,
But he who chooses to let the past delay and deracinate,
Move him completely from a place where he can endure another blissful state with another being in his present,
Is not fit to deem himself a man by definition, even though description may negate,
For only the pragmatic who are ready to accept the diversity that characterises each day in which they actively participate,
Can be given the right to see themselves, and rightly so, as men with not only purpose but resolve in adversity’s face!

…I’ll be sure that nothing is ever for sure,
That the uncertainties that make life difficult shall remain its worst disease and have no cure,
and that none on this earth is wholly pure,
thus, despite their demure,
Whenever they bring out their flaws I must endure,
Just as I would expect of them in equal measure when my deeds leave them unsure.

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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