…is what I am as I write this,
For, despite having known the facts about the difficulty of this course and its tasks,
I still remain stunned to a complete standstill whenever the ease of matters hides behind several masks!

I hate it when my mental capability is seemingly reduced infinitely,
leaving me to wallow in what can only be described truly as a miasma of stupidity,
Too thick to let in any feeling of self-pity,
and most times, too strong to even catch a whiff of victory!

…I am,and at times like these I am forced to turn to none other than my colleagues,
Asking them kindly for their help, if they can afford to offer any,
I grow tired of these feelings of low esteem continually perpetuated by a few others’ achieving,
and so the more I sit here and struggle to no avail, my chest heaving,
the worse my present aggravation gets as my situation can only get more agitating!

…and the more this feeling grows within me,
the more it becomes debilitating!
Therefore, for fear of further cringing,
I have decided that I must get something done in this unit I find vexing presently,
and work towards applying what I’ve learnt, despite the process being irritating and challenging!

In conclusion, speaking honestly,
I wish none other the pains of deciphering programming!

Yours in perpetuity (Not you programming!),
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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