…I saw her in all her grace,
I cannot even begin to describe her face,
For I was lost in awe from the moment her frame I could trace.

In truth, I can barely remember the last time I saw such elegance dance before my eyes,
It nullified all other sights and left me wondering how I ever survived…
seeing others and proclaiming their beauty dutifully for all this time,
yet having seen her in that instance convinced me that before this day I was blind!

How she blessed the earth with her light, nimble steps,
was like rain falling,the desert ground against in torrents,
I was left mesmerised, entranced, succinctly-speaking, perplexed!
The swish of her hair seemed to send a breeze towards my face, as if to leave me caressed,
And her gaze, momentary yet precise, left my needs only half-addressed…
for the meeting of our eyes was halfway towards having actually met!

Oh how I wish that TODAY would have been the day I got her name,
For the intrigue I derive from her mystery I can no longer contain!
My want has transformed into a need, one which I am unable to tame,
I seek not to be known or associated with all her pulchritude for fame,
But just so that I can wake up with a smile again,
Thinking to myself, “What a wonderful world God, to us, gave.”
And accepting the fact that I am proud, for into it I came!

So ends the tale of today, fresh and not stale,
Her presence touched my soul, and her evanescence left it with a hole, so now I glow pale,
But the truth of the matter, and one that I pray shall forever remain…
is that my memories with her shall never make me forget the reaction I had today

Yours in perpetuity,
Humbled by your beauty irrefutably,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

4 thoughts on “Today…

  1. Jared Babu says:

    This Girl has truly inspired you, I see. Do not worry, you have like 4years to make your move. The sooner the better. Theres only one big fish and the fishermen are in plenty.

    Cheers man and good work on your blog. I am proud.



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