It can be amazing how many a time the past just finds a way to last,
finds a way to sneak back into your life just when you thought you left it far away, in the dark,
It resurrects and follows you, spear in hand and aiming right at your heart,
your mind it finds and sees fit to remind that you haven’t gotten rid of it yet, not until you face it with an accepting
and accommodative mindset!
So yes, much as we may think we escape its vice grip, it still finds a way to, a grudge, keep,
you either choose to live with it,
or prepare yourself to be destroyed by it.

Though it is undeniably true that we must let go,
it is also undisputable that we must accept whatever comes our way for none of it can we forego!
Life is full of ebb and flow,
thus the only way to survive is to act like you know,
Live it, love it or forget about ever finding a way to see yourself grow,
For in the end, it is clear that life involves a compendium of the future, the present and all that happened before.

Yours in perpetuity,
Master Evans Mbora Muthee Campbell.

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