For what you purpose to do,
You can and SHOULD sacrifice all that is necessary to see your goal duly pursued,
You must set aside all that you didn’t see as worth your calibre once in a while,
Put on the smile,
And walk the naked mile,
Oppressed by the cold, lashing winds, you must brace yourself with all that you refer to as “mine”,
And walk on strong, resilient and pertinacious in your urge to withstand the test of time.

Forget a lot,
But only so that DOWN it brings you not,
And just so that forward motions are not stopped,
That you may be able to take on all that is ahead while that which is behind remains long forgot!

Leave theirs to themselves,
Use yours to improve all that revolves around you and those you hold dear to yourself,
Help all who warrant and deserve your resources in depth,
And if needs must, do another human being the honour of going against your tenets,
To accommodate their own idea of common sense…

Compromise, it may take a lot, but eventually it saves you trouble,
Saves you unnecessary rumble and the urge to grumble,
Possibly even saves you the unfortunate yet avoidable tumble,
Forget that which hinders and embrace that which links and creates something that lingers.

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Muthee Campbell.

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