Things Change…

Once upon a time a sense of morality acted as guide to sanity,
But now the exact opposite is what keeps one from being asked “Are you crazy?”,
The fact that the difference is now equivalent to the sum of all good activity,
Means that all we are is divided as we multiply progressively!

Once upon a time people accepted and respected reality,
but now people take for granted and have shunned pragmatics!
They continue to copy and paste all they see from television screens,
Forgetting that eventually,
all they’ll ever get from imitating indiscriminately is a personality full of ambiguity,
Leaving others unsure of whether or not their character is trustworthy,
For utopia is too far to be reached by those who see the truth and adhere to its authority.

Once upon a time love was not a word hackneyed,
It was reserved for only those who mutually satisfied each other’s soul needs,
but today you can’t go a day without hearing it slip so lightly off someone’s lips,
to insensitively pamper another’s unreasonable wish!

Once upon a time, all these things and so much more were free to exist,
But now, today, so many can stand to be counted, but amiss!
Things change, but is it worth all this?

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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