You’re welcome…

for each time I ever took my time to rhyme,
Just so I could marvel at your enchanting smile,
But now that you clearly chose to decline all that I put for you in my lines,
I choose to leave you and all pertinent to you, behind

…for all the pain I put myself through,
The stab wounds I inflicted upon myself for your sake, completely deemed uncouth!
Set apart, NO, thrown away as if never actually considered true!
But still I’d fight to see another day, for you made not my skies, but my oceans blue too!

…when all the memories come flooding back at some point,
I’ll be somewhere having already gotten to and left that joint…
And I’ll have left a note for you, concise and quaint,
Just so that you can know that concerned about you, as the Americans say, “I ain’t”

…for when I’d leave to breathe-
just so that I could let you have your peace!
Your increasingly menacing temperament seemed not to make me cease,
And I was blinded to your lack of reason by the sensation embodied in your kiss!

…for the fact that I was inspired enough to write you this,
You once were the only thing that formed a basis-
for each and every piece!
Because now I can formally and finally denounce your position of esteem,
For you chose not to live up to what’s required of it!

Goodbye, in the world where “Men are dogs”, you remain the most distinct bitch,
I leave you with my seldom sign-off phrase, that you may remember this-

No longer yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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