At the end of the day…

…I feel beyond exhaustion,
I’m mentally in a state of deracination,
All that happened today has been solely a contribution-
To more of my frustrations!
Were it not for the fact that life cannot simply pause for the sake of an individual,
I would be walking away with finality and a clear resolution!
But woe unto me for aluta continua is just what dictates the earth’s revolutions,
You cannot choose to lower your weapons simply because you feel like offering your submission!

…my anger has no particular direction,
I try to channel it towards so much and end up –ary station,
Station-ary as a battered visionary would be, unfit to rise to the occasion,
And as I wonder how exactly I am to free myself from this pit of self-abomination,
I cannot help but think that I have no choice but to resume my station,
And repeat the operation that put me here, this time with a touch of more passion!
But just as I meditate further about this possible, positive conclusion,
My negativity rears its head and poses an important question,
Precisely why must I keep fighting if the results only leave me in the same position?
Is there any sense in trying so hard to achieve personal redemption?…
…when all I ever obtain from my toils is an even more disheartening situation!

…today was just a heartbreaking day,
If I didn’t have SOME spirit left in me, I believe I wouldn’t even have the energy to say-
That I loathed it for all that came with it, ESPECIALLY the dismay!
As I assess all that came to pass I begin to see that all these events just may-
be a direct consequence of my disconnect with the spiritual fray,
hence I believe it is now my responsibility to take a stand and my role play,
for, at the end of the day,
It is only what He can give that can lift me out of this grave in which I lay!

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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