…is it that all we want sometimes seems
to be deliberately put beyond our arm’s reach?
…is it that we all want to be rich,
yet the truth is we can only be as affluent as the way we think?
…is it that we complain so much about all the affliction that life brings,
yet we seldom see all the good that we already have in all we hold worthy?
…do we view all that appears trivial as unnecessary,
yet all the important is rooted in beginnings humble and seemingly nugatory?
…can’t peace be found in this world so full of cruelty,
yet once upon a time all lived as one humanity!
…can’t all people relate to the concept of empathy,
yet most people live their lives expecting its sister sympathy?
…do most of us forget that all who provide for our living,
are at the mercy of the Lord God above, responsible for all mortal beings.
…is ignorance referred to as bliss yet knowledge is burdening,
yet both, once applied, differentiate the wise from the stupid!

…are all my questions devoid of a pattern,
yet the thought I’ve put into them felt so structured and in turn!

…am I going to name this “Curious Poetry”?
well, it’s because the fathers of the art gave me freedom to so deem it.

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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