With this pen…

…I wish I could right the wrongs about which I write,
But all I can ever do is sensitize and expose all that exists, for all have a knowledge right,
And thus I let it out and empathize as much as my mind can permit,
And put myself in the shoes of others, then, now and even for tomorrow night,
Just to find a way to express my own and others’ plight!

…I illustrate my amazement at humanity’s repetitive nature,
How they suffer but always pretend to be living in sweet unperturbed delight,
How humanity sometimes seeks to ignore all that is their inner light,
Just to prove the point that they’re MACHO/dark/devil-may-care/impolite…

Some say they have no feelings,
Thus, with this pen, I show them that they actually do have them in jars brimming,
Whether or not I expose their intentional ignorance is not what I find fulfilling,
But the fact that I reach out and try to touch their cores, to expose their sores, gives my own tranquillity!

With this pen I may be deemed emotional by my kind and the opposite alike,
But simply because I can communicate with my self well enough to feel for others isn’t a problem in my sight,
I may not know what my association with this genre of poetry is, but when I freewrite,
I find myself reading from my own script and letting my own flames ignite,
I have my own stage and let my world come to life!
And my passion to let it out means not that I have no secrets or mysteries undefined,
It just shows that I have volumes to hide and all else to share for the sake of others with problems greater than mine!

So the next time another man thinks I am weak and reclined,
I’d advise them to remember that it’s never that serious until you’re the one, in the fire of line,
I mean the line of fire, where one is left with no choice but to discover,
That they too have more to their emotions than they choose to accept,
And that emotions were discretely designed to eventually, never be FULLY kept
And only the end of life strips one of the ability to have them.

With this pen, I let my critics know,
That their word politics I am above, and I am indifferent about their blows low!
For what the Lord granted to me must be used to let others grow,
And none shall shake me in my quest to illustrate just how much I have to show!

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

3 thoughts on “With this pen…

  1. mattgathu says:

    A piece of its kind, subtle yet commanding and earning respect in its own sense.
    It brings to light what underlies the facade we present to others, reminding of the subtle instincts that make humans.


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