How Come…

…the best things in life are free,
Yet all most of us ever strive for is money and all that it embodies!
…building trust is far from easy,
Yet destroying it takes betrayal that could happen in a wink, let alone a week! Why so easy?
…Courting in its true form takes what feels like a century,
Yet moving on could happen far more quickly than suicide in a Lithuanian county!
…it takes us so long to realise what lies before our eyes for all to see,
Yet it takes us such a short time to recognise all that is wrong with you and me!
…we must continually deny ourselves glee,
Yet those who oppress us enjoy all of its benefits with neither shame nor consideration of our needs!
…I cannot write beyond this point to save the life of me,
Yet I started this poem with such zeal!

…I remain yours in perpetuity?
Well, to answer that I’ll say I’m just Evans Mbora Campbell-
and I’m done with this piece.

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