Do you really…

Sit to think and sink into a state where all else but you matters?
Or are you always so consumed by all that is you, suffocating yourself ignorantly in your own fumes!
Life has a way of teaching us and others the way, but on any given day, Monday to Sunday,
some must choose to try and abscond its direction, forgetting that they have a perpetual bond-
and life’s long arm has never failed to impart a lesson, we are at its mercy till death takes us away!

…care, or are you just there to pretend to lay bare your side of the story with her?
…think its fair for you to exaggerate what you only hear and say instead of approaching the truth directly?
Well, I don’t, but what can one standing do when all the rest don’t stand too?
The questions life poses are made to help us see that NOTHING can be a bed of roses,
And that the truth that that revelation highlights should be held torch-high to light-
the paths that we all choose to take in this world so dark, where at every turn lingers a hangman’s noose!

…understand how much difference your stand can make when you are buried and under?
Or do you believe that if you constantly suppress your will to live that you will learn to let live?
The appreciation that gives, is only that which genuinely defines matters AS THEY ARE, not just as we perceive!
So, do you really know what stake your contribution has in this world so mean?
Or on others shall you continually lean?

…realise how much you have?
Or are you obsessed on seeking the material, that which cannot equate to life or love?
…see the value of your self to that of everyone else?
Or are you living in denial of your potential to influence?

…believe you can find an answer to these questions?
Well, I really trust that none can but I choose to TRY, instead of run?
can you count how many times, the same thing you’ve done?

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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