As I Sleep…

I reminisce the bliss that IS your sweet caress,
How your eyes gleamed in the sunset,
as you looked into mine and left me dumbfounded!

I remember the relief I achieved at the mercy of your soft kiss,
What man can claim to be immune to the effects of such awe-inspiring lips?

How you leave me helpless as you walk away and I am left to stare at God’s gift,
Embodied in the elegant curves most know as hips,
Please know that in my dreams,the scene of your departure I shall repeat,
And your initial arrival shall share in contributing to my accelerating heartbeat!

I remain in a trance by your side,
And as I sleep tonight, I cannot hide-
the fact that I am completely by you mesmerized,
For it assures me that my love for you leaves me to others blind!

You are not the only star that shines,
But the only star in my skyline,
bottom line!

How do I make you understand that I wish you were mine,
Not as a possession but as a queen for me to treat as loyal and entrust all else that’s mine,
I would love nothing more than to be the reason for your smile,
See your beauty so transcedent and impossible to define-
light up the world with all that God blessed it with when he brought you forth from your father’s loin,
To be the most beautiful thing ever seen out of a mother’s groin.

As I sleep I wonder why,
I’m writing this as if shy,
But I now realise,
That you stole both my heart AND mind,
And with that conviction established, I now declare this piece published for lack of more to write,
All I CAN do is dream of you tonight, And accept your seductive might.


Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

3 thoughts on “As I Sleep…

  1. Lily says:

    I think your poems are good altho you may consider trying different styles of writing to switch things up a bit and avoid becoming predictable. Keep up!


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