The Life…

I live, none can forgive,
None can come close enough to perceive,
Just how much of it I sieve even when I look like all of it I give.

…I live, isn’t worth more than any others’, I like to think we all deserve a chance,
But at first glance,
It may look like all I do is look for satisfaction of my own selfish needs through my deeds,
But life must be quenched of its insatiable thirst, and all I do is to accord respect to that greed,
For what am I without life, this precious heavenly gift?

…and paths that I choose,
Define all that I gain or lose,
But as long as I see the lessons to be learnt from each escape of the reaper’s blade swoosh,
I can last yet another day and expand my outlook,
Muster just a bit more energy for that finishing push,
And maybe, just maybe, land my name in history, to be remembered among the greats told about in books!

…I have taken time to get accustomed to,
moulds me, a better being, into,
For what do I stand to, from this epic adventure, accrue,
If not experience and an enlightened view on how to deal with all that’s new?

…I live, I owe it all to the Deity responsible for the existence of me and you,
Which is why, inasmuch as my choices may sometimes veer far off from all that’s true,
I must seek clarity of mind and guidance whenever I am left with no clue.

…I dare not bring out for all to view,
but even so,

I remain:
Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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