Student Diary-Entry 2

The naked truth is that concentration increases decreasingly with time,
The longer the lecture the less you want to hear of the lecturer’s questions and paradigms,
And as your mind wanders (as mine is now), you tour the world of fantasy and the undefined,
The intangible becomes real as you think about something beyond your space and time-
you could be in a bank counting dimes,
Or in your room, pen and paper in hand writing rhymes…

But all in all, I don’t know why,
When it comes to school I’m so blank,*sigh*
Writing about something necessitated only by fleeing the poverty line,
Isn’t exactly a chance to be sublime!
But generally, my words, on other aspects of life,
-feel easier to justify,

WHICH is why,
This is the last entry in this diary of mine,
Student or not, university has more to define,
Than what is simply illustrated on a powerpoint slide.

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