Who Told You it’s Love?

Did you ever sit down to ask?
Did you ever question the situation at hand or are you being duped by a mask?

I hate the fact that people think everything is emotionally connected when some of it is just far from authentic!
Mutuality is a necessity before you put yourself to task and commit,
Must you be told severally that in a relationship giving is two-way and none is given authority?
all actions should be aimed at providing for the better, the greater good for each party,
Yet you’re busy working alone as if under slavery,
With no real wage for all your devotion to what you believe to be a verity,
Only the occasional nominal compensation, as if you were just a mere formality!

Can’t you see that you’re clearly-
the only one struggling to bring the other glee?
Don’t you feel the lack of weight in your “partner’s” apparent loyalty?
Why kid yourself thinking all this will last when you know you’re fighting destiny,
Let alone reality!

When it’s real it kills both of you, but you bear the brunt of the afterlife together,
When it’s real, and I stand to be corrected, you may grunt and bicker and even swear to never talk to each other,
But you both realise that that’s as difficult as putting time and tide at the mercy of a lever!
When it’s real you’re always compelled to try and make it better, you can’t ignore the urge to take part in seeing their face get redder,
It grows within you and drives you to new heights of invention and willingness to bear any weather,
Just to see the one you love in a place much better…

When it’s real, you can’t see what would hinder your quest to see her,
And she can’t see who would force the two of you to split up,
But most importantly, none of you stops battling the opposition that may force one to become two that differ,
Whether internal or external, any influence bitter-
is duly extinguished before flames emerge from an ember!
And even if, unfortunately, the flames do emerge,
And threaten to destroy the very fabric that makes your armour thick,
You grasp all that you can save and run helter-skelter to seek out a new shelter-
from there you make new bonds fortified by the new-found experience of a fire-storm you weathered.

That’s a brief dip into the uncharted depths of my view on you and you,
Don’t be fooled by simple “I love you”s,
Can you tell if the reality is that those words are substantially true?
Or are you hoping and praying that you’re not just being strung along too!
Know thyself, Socrates said to the Greeks,
And I add KNOW THY WEALTH, sometimes it helps not to be meek!
to make you comprehend that you deserve to be one, in word and deed-
if love flows between you two indeed.

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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