When I See You Smile…:-D

I choose to ignore all processes,
For yours is the smile of a thousand goddesses,
I find a law in you without even testing for a hypothesis,
And that law states that none can come close to the pulchritude embodied in your smile’s presence!

Lost is he who’s eyes fall upon such epic proportions of greatness,
Too inconspicuous not to be noticed yet so bright its warmth and light certainly affirm human luminescence!
I believe yours is the smile made to defile all codes of conduct, even for the corporals and sergeants,
For even at attention under direct orders from their own general, they’d still steal a glance to see the beauty that those parted lips express!

May hell-fire fall upon he who dares to make you cry,
For I find it inhumane to do that to such a lovely lady, a lady worth more than human power can satisfy,
Were it not for the fact that in your presence I am shy,
Even I,
would use more than my eyes and softly say “Hi…”,
and move on swiftly to express the undisputed fact that I just COULD NOT pass you by!

The laudable nature of your smile,
Well, I think I could put felicities about it on paper as long as a mile,
Exhaust all my rhyme,
And EVEN THEN I would still have failed in my attempt to define,
all I could ever say would seem mild,
For the experience of seeing that wonderful smile reduces one to a mere child,
But not just any child, one blessed enough to be born with open eyes!
(Who could be born incapable of seeing such shine?!)
For none can be brought into a world, with YOU in it, unable to see for themselves that woman was truly created by He who is divine!

Leave me not behind,
I go against the saying that “I love to see you walk away…” fair lady of mine, that I kindly decline,
I humbly request to be by your side,
To see that glorious, graceful smile, ONE last time!

This is just how elated and graced I feel, when I see you smile,
So go ahead and be kind,
Smile again at the end of this poem, and when you see me next, don’t hesitate to me, remind…:-D

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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