I Mean it when I say…

That I’m here to be your confidante,
To listen to you and not be others’ informant,
For it agitates me to watch and hear you hurt and laid back,
When I know that you have so much that shouldn’t be forcibly made dormant-
by all that chooses to come between you and your essence so deservedly dominant!

I mean it when I say that I care,
it’s not just to make you smile, I dare not try just to ensnare,
I actually DO intend to always be there,
I actually MEAN TO SAY that I wish you could openly share,
that I may take away at least some of the burden you bare,
I feel so impaired when I can’t help someone I treasure,
And for that reason I just have to confess that I mean it when I say that I care!

Most people tend to believe that men would say anything just to get through and meddle with ladies,
But how many actually take the time to differentiate one from the other, despite this process’ inherent technicalities?
Do you understand the complex nature of individuality,
It lies in the simple fact that all in the universe reserve a God-given right to mutual exclusivity,
Of course, at the end of the day, it’s your choice whether or not to trust me,
But all I’m asking for here is a fair chance at an opportunity…

I don’t mean to impose,
Lord knows I hold you too dear to even poke my nose if your irritation at the act clearly shows,
But I can’t help the fact that even though-
I’m no psychiatrist, psychologist or mental pro,
My concern for you by the day grows,
and I feel that I can contribute to changing your current dismal status quo,
and give you an avenue to let at least SOME of the suffering go.

I’m sure by now you realise that it’s YOU this is for,
You haven’t laid the whole truth bare on the floor,
Your fears or insecurities about letting me in are genuine and expected, to them I have no right to say NO,
But you eventually have to pretend better so that it doesn’t show,
Or let me in on what’s suppressing the subtlety that defines you, that subtlety that creates your impeccable glow!

Your pain and consequent secrecy leave my efforts vain,
And I can no longer withstand the effect of your affectation, but come what may,
I still value you enough to tell you that I can see there’s something drilling you into the ground, and it fills me with dismay!

I just thought you should be aware that I Mean it when I say…

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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