I Wish I Didn’t Have a Heart…

I find it interesting to see how quickly man can substitute one for another,
A lover could, in an instant become a victim of emotional murder as they walk in to find their significant other-
in the confines of their “special place” making songs of Infidelity, and reaching their peaks happily without even a scintilla of bother!

It pains one to know they’ve been left behind to seek a new partner,
Whether they have a choice or not never seems to matter,
The simple fact that they have been abandoned, exchanged, yet they thought they were better,
Stings and cuts into them, leaving the blood that they bleed to seep out, cold and bitter,

Loneliness is as agitating as winter,
Your temperature falls and your enthusiasm withers.
You have none to shield you from the harsh winds that characterize life’s blizzards,
And no clothes to hide all that you once kept in a loved one hidden.

You shiver and quiver, you even begin to think your future looks bleaker,
You have none to listen to you and so your shell grows thicker,
In a cell of your own, solitude makes your soul’s light flicker,
And once it goes off you know you’d rather have been born mental,even dimmer,
Than alone, where to fight for life is only to kill yourself quicker!

I wish I didn’t have a heart,
Life kills yet brings me back,
And the scars that it leaves may fade, but ever present is their impact,
Each betrayal brings to an end another act,
in this play of life that sometimes is so hard to in,take part,
Take away all these immeasurable affections that only lead to my afflictions, and I believe I’d last,
But the more I wish this could happen,
The more I’m convinced that the blades ahead will sharpen,
And that the next time I come to a halt where I’m faced with death of the heart again,
I’d rather be prepared to accept that-
just as no day can end without night,when all things darken,
So can no life end without tears to give the frowns revenge…

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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