I don’t HATE you, I just don’t like you as much any more…

If it could be understood that feelings come and go,
And that those made to stay always grow,
Then maybe, just maybe, you would understand what’s ensued, what you call my “Hate show”,
People say “I can see it in your eyes,” but REALLY, what DO you know?!
My eyes may supposedly be the gateway to my soul, but what happens if I choose to leave that door closed?!
Which is why whenever anyone implies that they can see through me via my own eyes, the laugh building inside I ignore,
And my growing PATIENCE intervenes to keep at bay any aggression or retort.

despite man’s constant attempts to understand fellow man,
It will forever be as futile as telling a dead man to turn,
As unreasonable as telling a digesting stomach not to churn,
And therefore ACCEPTING this reality and applying it in life, would be a good skill to learn,

I may not LOOK at you the same,
maybe because a few things about you have changed in my mental frame,
Being pragmatic, to whatever extent I deem possible, has always been my game,
Which is exactly why I don’t slander and destroy your name,
I may express what I believe to have been your weaknesses, just as you would with any other friend you valued,
But I would not pretend that my blindness to them and attraction to your strengths was impossible to tame!
So take the change with a heart strong, find your place in this relationship renewed,
Life moves on, I have learnt that the easy and the hard way,
But it’s just the game we all have to play!

I don’t HATE you, I just don’t like you as much any more,
By this I mean that there’s been a shift of your position, juxtaposing now and before,
You may have moved from one level of depth in my heart to another, not that you’re now a bore,
Not that I don’t care any more, NO,such is not the case with you,
I’m just willing to see the developments that come with the consequences of each and every move,
And see that WE can never be the same again, no matter what I Or yoU do,
WE already failed to live up to each other’s IOU,
and might as well live with what life gave as an MOU,
’cause on this road you chose, it’s either Me Or yoU…
But can NEVER be us two.

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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