How Much is Enough?

If I give all of me and you leave me nothing to see,
What else do you want for I cannot understand what more you could want just to let us BE,
If my tears shall not suffice, then must I bleed,
Must I sign an eternal creed,
Is it my life for the sake of yours that you need,
For if so, then I feel that that and anything more I am ready and willing to give,
If only you could let loose, just let this flow, PLEASE unhinge…

You remain the enigma I am obsessed with,
The one person I can find peace in,
Yet I must admit that you are cold, unchanging,
Heartless, impossible to try reading,
Yet my fascination you seem to always be feeding,
And my appetite grows more ravenous despite the resilience of your locked-away heart so defying,
No matter how tall my goal stands,no matter how daunting,
I still can’t seem to stop myself from trying,
My nights are spent plotting and planning,
My days are spent in your presence attempting subtly to let you see that I’m your knight in armour shining!

All these things I do to show you that I’m here,
Seem to do nothing to change your view on whether or not I’m dear,
And the trials I go through for my cause, to be sincere,
I am certain cannot be iterated by another gentleman, none could even compare,
For all of them walk around pretending not to have hearts and living a lie whose cost they eventually will have to bear,
And I choose that mine, though beaten and battered by your obstinacy, with you I shall share!

So all I ask of you milady,
Beauty that lights even the darkest alley,
When shall you see that my efforts are genuine and only seek to bring you delight,
When will you choose to open your eyes to the fact that all I am is a man bent only on bringing you glee?
Even with my faults, I strive to right my wrongs for thee.
How much is enough,please inform me?

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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