Student Diary-Entry 1…

I’m seated here wondering how I’m expected to surmount such a tall order in terms of my assigned task…
All this work and I feel lazy and completely harassed,
Being burdened as if I was found to be evading tax,
And continually agitated by the UNkind sir who chooses to have a knack-
for constantly overloading his students’ backs…

These ratios as they call them,
Financial or not,they’re complicating and compounding an ever-growing problem!
I have CATs to think about too, oh how I wish I could banish them to the dogs-
like a Somali man to the dust banishes his own disgusting phlegm…

These probabilities should have already sorted their chances out by now,
Not leave me to find them out!
If it were up to me, I’d ACTUALLY find them OUT, let them IN is something I wouldn’t know how.

I’m even confused now, which is why this entry must end at this point, I can no longer see where my mouse points,
Goodbye for now,I’ll be back sometime later when my brain no longer feels disjoint!

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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