Live it,LOVE it…

Why must we continually rise at the end of every fall?
Why is it that our nature leads us to seek out someone to call when wrong goes all?
It’s as simple as explaining why an addict would suffer withdrawal,
Absolute independence is, for man, impossible!
Life brings us to the crossroads of its numerous paths not for us to ALWAYS stop and pause,
but to at times take the risk of learning the hard way, through our SOMETIMES consecutive flaws,
By losing a tooth from our jaws,
as the blood pours,
We shed the ignorance that led us to that state of pain, teaching us a moral!
We learn that there CAN be a better day tomorrow,that we CAN walk past all that plagued us so long,
Just by accepting the pain of it all,
And consciously deciding to move on!

“Life sucks” they say,
I dare not say nay,
What I daresay, however, is that truly life takes away…
But gives back a lot more if one takes the time to sit and count at the end of the day!
It hurts to lose, especially when such loss is without a fight for right of way,
Right of way referring to an opportunity to cease the victory and shout a gay “Hurray!”
But what makes losing special is rising above it to see the present that is TODAY,
and putting behind you all that crumbled YESTERDAY…

Given the fact that all these things transpire within this unique discipline we define as life,
I choose to believe that their root cause is not our inherent ability to make mistakes and cause ourselves strife,
But that they exist simply as the universe’s knife…

To cut through our facades and reach the ungrateful hearts we use to complain constantly about its ways unfair,
And open our eyes to the reality that life must be loved whether all is sweet, sour, wet or bare!

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

3 thoughts on “Live it,LOVE it…

  1. allan says:

    chu guy how old are you criusly

    hii ni mambo gani unaandika hahahaha
    gud stuff gud stuff
    mature eye opening mazeh hii mamb ya kuiba literature yangu uache sawa…. j.k


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