She Said NO…

And yet my head hung not low,
I was in pain and yet the same emotion was simultaneously vain,Why? I do not know,
I walk with the appellation of Mr. No,
Expectedly rejected, a predicament whose direction I knew I was headed, life is ebbs and flows,
And it is only those,
who brush all its cons aside to take seriously its pros,
That find themselves ahead by more than simply the tips of their nose.

All I asked as she grinned was could I have a look at that rose,
The sentimental value it had to her was clearly what led to the outburst that arose,
“How many more flowers are there in this greenhouse,NO…
in fact,in the world? I mean, seriously, Lord knows!,
So get away from me and want another flower in this greenhouse, leave me alone!”

and as she turned away I was left to contemplate what move I would make after such a humiliating lashing,
So I quickly decide to turn my back to her as she did to me, hoping,in part, that I had given her a taste of her own medicine,
And as I walked off into the depths of the greenhouse, I saw in her words not what was rude and obscene,
But what was really out there for me to hold in hand and put on a similar grin,
And what I would do to help others see the beauty of the flower that I would eventually see in the garden so green,

Then and only then would I be serene,
Then and only then would I disregard her baseless NO as naive.

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

5 thoughts on “She Said NO…

  1. chris mburu says:

    deep stuff. Perfect 4 1 who hs had their heart broken n their soul bashd open by the brute force of the powerful thng cald rejection


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