Falling again…

for the same damn plan,
the same plot that got me from the pan into flames so hot,now I doubt I can…
convince myself that I am anything more than a gentle man!

Hers was nothing outstanding, not to say that it was lacklustre,
just to say that it wasn’t exactly what would make one shudder, it was plain, but still, my heart seemed to flutter!
What is it with you that got me derailed and lying asunder?
Got me in your spell under?
Then I realise the truth of the saying “Hidden in plain sight”, it explains how you came to matter.
All the cheerful banter,
how much I let out all that ever made me want to shatter,
That’s exactly what got us here where you’re watching me sinking into your bog further,
There’s nothing I can do but say that I’m falling again, I’m Klutz,dropping myself as loudly as my own clatter.
But hey, life is the endless pursuit for happiness perpetuated by smiles,frowns, ups and in my case,going under.

Down, down into the ground my face races,
I crawled,ran even, but I’m so gullible I fell while taking simple paces,
Mine are unfortunate days that remain endless,
Elation has become an emotion I deem faceless,
For my eyes seem to have never seen the pulchritude the world attributes to it-
Love has never shot me, Cupid seems to know not of my existence,
but takes pleasure in watching the futility of my persistence.

Falling again is exactly what I’m doing, as if the sweat on my lashes hasn’t stung my eyes enough,
Which leads me to conclude that nothing in this search of mine is what I’m worth,
Shall I never see the smooth, silky skin of The One at the end of this path so rough?
As I fall again for the wrong person, this is all I have to ask…

Yours in perpetuity,
Evans Mbora Campbell.

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