My First…

…blog, wow, I once thought days like these would never begin,

Lazy as a log I was but here I am, logged in and ready to poetically spin,

sometimes I look back at what drives me, but the stream flows too long, all I know is that it’s like I sing,

I feel the heat of the fire as it ignites within and I can no longer hog, so I let it all out in words weirdly linked,

The rhythm that guides my mind sets me apart from the world, I’m on a rock, DISTINCT,

I emancipate the beast or the beauty that screams,

Let them run loose for all to see,

and at the end of the day none of what leaves this heart, soul and mind that defines me,

is more than a memory written down and dished out for free.

Step at letting the world see the word,

For what it defines and not just what it outlines,

For WHERE it inclines and not just how it rhymes,

The depth of my thoughts I can never really explain outside the limits of my own mind,

But I can let it go as far as it will and let the rest be left to the reader’s choices not mine,

and with that valedictory line,

comes the end of this tour into my first step into the mine,

That I call this blog that now becomes my shrine…

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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